This functional cutting board contains Walnut, Cherry and Purpleheart woods.  

Hand-crafted by The Boardroom Wood Works right here in our hometown of Dothan, Alabama.

- Dimensions are 15 4/8 x 7 6/8 inches

Hand-crafted Triple Wood Cutting Board

  • Our wood is domestic or exotic hardwoods. Each board is fashioned individually by hand. Built as functional cuttings boards with strentgh and durability in mind. Designed as ornamental fixtures of beauty and uniqueness. Every board will showcase its own individual characteristics created by the grain and natural markings of the wood.  

    Our boards are selected, cut, sanded, finished and waxed - all by hand. After finishing, each board is then coated in food grade bees wax for protection then polished.

    ~The Board Room Wood Works of Dothan, Al