Dogs! Dogs! Everywhere, dogs! It's hard to say exactly how many, though, as most nations don't keep track of these four-footed friends. Recent estimates, however, place the number of dogs registered in the U.S. at nearly 90 million. And scientists project the worldwide canine count is about 525 million. True South Puzzles invited artist Lili Chin to create a global gallery of these best friends, and the result is certainly bark-worthy. Chances are you'll find some new furry faces in the portrait - such as India's Chippapari, New Guinea's Singing Dog and the Czech Vlcak. But don't worry: she's also included some pups with international popularity - such as the Shi Tzu, the Australian Cattle Dog and the Siberian Husky. So sit! Stay! And find those first corner pieces. Happy Puzzling!


- True South puzzles are made with 80-point blue board, which creates a thicker puzzle   piece with a more solid "hand."

- All puzzles are stamped with metal dies made by one of the few artists in the world who   creates jigsaw puzzle die masters by hand.

- Puzzle images are created in a collaborative effort between artists and True South to   highlight unique facts carefully researched about each location. Fun facts are listed on the   back and inner sides of boxes.

Dogs Make The World Go Round Puzzle


    True South has an all-American spirit, inspired by the cities, states, landmarks and pastimes that mean so much to so many: The places we come from and dream of going to, and the time-honored traditions and fond memories we want to keep. Taking the time to piece together a beautiful puzzle is itself a tradition, and we are inspired by all of our fellow puzzlers – especially all of you who value our commitment to support independent artists, to use the highest quality jigsaw puzzle materials, and to proudly stay Made in the U.S.A.